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Public speaking always fascinated me. It gives me an intense joy and gratitude to serve for the well-being of all.

I am as curious as you all are what occurs in The Moment.

There can be one person or 1000 in the doesn’t matter.

All is well as It Is.

Of course there is a subject to speak about.

I never know before what wants to be revealed through me and I sense what is going on in the moment while spontaneously interacting with it.

Soon i will start to give public gatherings where the topics that rise in the moment will be revealed, released and healed.

Since a few months people started asking me if I can offer this for a wider audience. My intuïtion guides me to places, people and circumstances.

What is so beautiful that every release that is happening, is connected to everyone in the audience.


In the cracking open, the light enters.

We hold space for each other from within the space of unity consciousness.

If you are interested, please send me an email via the CONNECT button.

You can also follow me via Facebook and Linkedin.

Thank you for being of service to you all!

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