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The time is Now to see and feel who We really Are and that we are making Architecture in alignment with Creation, with Divinity again. The New Earth Is Rising.

To explore and use sacred geometries, circular economy, holistically qualified materials and building techniques.

To go beyond anything we know and have done. To transcend the old earth and Being the Master Architects of the New Earth.


To co-create and build Heaven on Earth as a Garden of Eden.

To Unite from the heart and use our talents/gifts for the well-being of All.

To Serve, Honor and Respect All Lives within the Universal Laws.

This is our Mission Together.


If you feel, you can book me for a day or more to brainstorm and feel what might be exchanged/discovered. To bring your wishes to a next architectural level.

Everything we think, do, say, feel, are ánd create is an act of who We Are.

Remember it, Be it.

If you are interested, please send me an email via the CONNECT button.

You can also follow me via Facebook and Linkedin.

Thank you for being of service to you!


With Love, Juul

Architect of Life

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